Saturday, July 5, 2014

A First....

Tonight I went to my city's fireworks showcase.

It was quite cold but otherwise a beautiful night for fireworks and I was excited! Jesus told me it was the celebration of all that was behind as I am moved beyond on to what lies ahead, freedom or independence, from all that has shackled me for years.

The show(done to music over the radio) started once dark and it was quite brilliant with fireworks coming from 6 different areas across a bridge and one big area off to the side of the river. It was a fantastic showing, a visual treat for the eyes!

But then the song "Coming to America" started playing and the fireworks showcase went dead. The music played on and on but no fire in the sky. Another 2-3 songs played with no fireworks until Katy Perry's(she's basically out in the open about her satanism as she used to sing choir in a church) "Fireworks" started playing and BOOM the show was back! It lasted until her song ended and then back to black. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I was told to leave so I did but the night's show wasn't without merit.

Symbolism. America. Welcome to.

The show is over. The celebration is over. America is over. Judgement commences and whatever comes will be nasty as we are Katy Perry, turning our backs on our first love Jesus and embracing Satan as we run, jump and play to our deaths.

On the drive home I was very sad thinking I had missed out on the end of the show but no, it wasn't that I had missed the end of the show, but realizing for the very first time I feel America is finished. Reminds me of the day the music died.