Monday, April 22, 2013

Totally Unprepared

Hello people!

Been a while since I posted something to this blog so I figured I should do some work for once. Thank God blogspots are free otherwise I would've lost so much money for nothing. Anyways, I digress...

No one is prepared for anything that's about to happen in this country. I find myself full of righteous anger over the lack of common sense int he body of Christ, we keep burying our heads further and further in our behinds whistlin' dixie believing everything will somehow be OK. Guess what? Everything is FAR from OK!

I wake-up fearful and full of worries due to future events(I know nothing of BTW)because of the sad state of modern Christianity. Neither church I attend is spiritual in the slightest but that wasn't to be expected. The part that gets me is how those who are separated unto the Lord are so mindless themselves! How is this possible?

Anyone have the ability to discern the spirits of the people around them? Nope!
Anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear? Nope!
Anyone with the balls or brains to speak out against what is happening? Nope!

It's a painful experience I tell ya! My sole joy is when I actually get to speak up in church and I can tell 'they' do not like that one bit! Too damn bad!

I'm there to speak the truth and the Lord has made me quite bold in my old age. Speaking of...

Why do Christian women marry Satanic men? Nearly every set apart woman I've met is already married to a Satanic man, engaged or quite involved with some guy they have no business being with.

Not one iota of discernment between the lot of em!

It's heart-breaking to watch these women struggle spiritually all the while thinking, feeling and believing all is well.

Who can find a virtuous woman? Her value far exceeds rubies, maybe diamonds in our society!

I've given up on ever having a spiritual woman in my life. No woman is worth the pain, suffering and sorrow I've endured the last three or so years being involved with them one way or another.

Now, I'm sure I am plenty guilty in these situations as I am nothing good in and of myself but I do have some 'good' about me but it's not 'of' me.

For any woman I have wronged, and especially the people of the past 'place' I used to frequent, I am sorry. I was a massive douche-bag around a certain group of people and I do feel quite bad about it. I was boastful and very much full of self when I should've known better.

As for those 'incontrol' of that group, no apologies for you.

Come at me bro!

PS: I didn't proof-read or spell-check so like don't complain or anything, ya know?